Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ramadan Day 2

After iftar last night I ate 4 cups of watermelon (around 10pm) and around midnight I ate okra with some white rice and a side dish of sliced tomatoes and lemon.  I drank chicha morada  that I made with my friend the day before Ramadan.

For suhoor I had that lamb stew with Okra, white rice, a side dish of sliced tomatoes w/ lemon juice and chicha for the drink.

Since I am currently about 34 weeks pregnant I am taking it as easy as possible during the day.  With a toddler though that isn't always possible.  I did make up 4 days of fasting during Sha'aban the last one I completed on the 28th. So my first fast of Ramadan wasn't the first I was doing that was so long (nearly 16hrs) none the less being as preggers as I am it still has some discomfort.  InshaAllah I am able to get through this month without any issues.  Ya'll be making du'a for me right?

I want a healthy pregnancy, easy natural delivery (preferably home birth like my first) and a quick recovery.  That my child is born healthy without any mental, physical or emotional deficiencies. AMEEN.