Thursday, December 17, 2009

omg no weight gain!

alhamdulillah! I checked my weight yesterday and weighed in at 146.6lbs! yay! After eating SOO much these past couple of weeks I didn't gain any weight. Well technically I gained .6lbs of a pound. but whos counting?


Anonymous said...

yay 4 u
i am happy for u
i hope i can get the weight off
but i cant exercise yet because my operation
i want to exercise again
i didnt notice how refreshed it made me feel
i hope i heal soon =(
luv u for the sake ALLAH swt
salam <3

.::Tuttie::. said...

jazakaAllah khayr! and I am TRYING to motivate myself to work out but the snow isn't helping.

Anonymous said...

oh lucky
i miss snow.......
i used to live in CT so there was always snow
but none in CA.....
anyways, i hope the snow clears out soon :)