Tuesday, March 22, 2011

what gets measured gets managed


I am starting a new phase in my life inshaAllah. I am recovering from a miscarriage, have 30lbs over my I deal weight, two beautiful children, loving hubs who also wants to lose weight and clothes that no longer fit. Alhamdulillah. I will be doing the Slow-Carb diet by Tim Ferriss

not all of it is halal so I will be avoiding the haraam advice. I like him as an author and after reading the book and purchasing the needed equipment I am ready to try more vigorously.  I am still waiting for some tools to arrive in the mean time I will be posting my weight loss on this blog as well as inches lost as well. Seeing how I don't necessarily want to divulge my figure's figures nor would hub appreciate it I will only say I lost x amt of inches today or I lost a total amount of x inches. 

That way I can still record it.

I am soo excited!