Sunday, October 25, 2009

1st day

I am Hispanic and I can't live without beans so I cooked 1lb of black beans and 1lb of red beans with salt as the ONLY condiment (that's how I like it). It brought me back to me growing up in El Salvador in my grandpa's farm. Back then I used to eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I LOVED IT!

I also cooked some tilapia to eat with white rice and had a large serving of papaya, yum. All in all I was able to avoid stuffing my face when I wasn't hungry and I also drank a lot of water. My mother in law though (mashaAllah) bought me halal marshmallows. I couldn't deny her so I ate it. I love her though so I'll forgive her.

I need to bring in exercise in to my life. I did the laundry today and it was exhausting who knew a little baby had so much clothing. can I count that as exercise?


mami said...

assalamu alaykum.. good luck with your fight, im doing the same time, starting today hehe but i haven´t had breakfast yet.. but yess cleaning could def. count as exercise hehe soo goo clean !! =P