Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So I AM alwasy hungry

For a while now I have been feeling guilty and one of the reasons I started this blog and a commitment to get healthier was because I kept stuffing my face but drank little water. You see I would eat my food and down it with soda. I would keep a soda near my computer for easy access instead of drinking water or juice. When I got married I weighed 130lbs when I became pregnant I was @ 134lbs but lost about 3 lbs in the first trimester. By the end of my pregnancy I was weighing 154lbs. Not bad. Once my baby boy was born and I mean IMMEDIATELY after his birth I weighed 11lbs less. I slowly started loosing the weight while nursing ( I am still nursing).

In January 2009 though hubs started bring A LOT of junk food that I don't even like but because it was readily available I kept eating it. I did the math and I was actually ingesting about 4,000 calories A DAY for a whole month. I actually gained ALL of my pregnancy weight back. SUCKS. So recently I started leaving healthy stuff near my computer so when I reach out and stuff my face its good stuff. So when I did that I was STILL so hungry. I read that sometimes you are not actually hungry but thirsty so I started drinking a lot of water.

turns out that after drinking nearly 1/2 a gallon of water today (its only 2:21 PM) I am still hungry. So I started another bowl of rice with beans and that will probably hold me off for a couple of hours. Since I am nursing the amt of water I am drinking is good I also have kidney problems in the family and I suffered from them as well until 2006. I guess I have the metabolism and hunger of a teenage boy. Alhamdulillah I guess?


Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Isn't it funny how husbands try to be nice and end up sabotaging our healthy eating efforts. I've been trying to remember to drink more too. Cutting out soda will definitely make a huge difference to how you feel.