Saturday, October 31, 2009

I couldn't help myself

I HAD to cook another 2lbs of beans. Yup and seasoned with only salt. Just the thought of it makes me want to go and grab a bowl. I think I ate for 4 days and it cost me under $5 to do it. SubhanaAllah. I am going to start tracking how much my food actually costs. I want to go organic but I missed the deadline for the local CSA (community supported agriculture) that my friend started. dang it. I guess wholefoods and the local farmers market it is.

Breakfast: a bowl of chex cereal with whole milk.
Lunch: a steak cooked in whatever fat it had remaining and onions with white rice
Dinner: Most likely a nice bowl of beans with white rice.

For those who eat organic, how much does it cost?

Friday, October 30, 2009

Portions sizes

I tried doing research about what is appropriate portion sizes and I am baffled. So am I doing it wrong?

Meat Portions
Veggies Portions
Grains Portions
Fruit Portions
am I supposed to eat the tennis ball? whats up with that?

Dairy Portions
That wont cover a bowl of cereal dude. How about if you are a cheese head or are from Wisconsin?

Who are they kidding? I am eating smaller portions (not as small as the suggested size but still) and I am still hungry and I am hungrier faster. Honestly I would rather continue eating the way I am eating and implement an exercise regiment. I am tempted to try the whole portions thing but look at those servings. There is just no way a nursing mother could survive on that. Hubs is worried that I never used to obsess about my weight or portion so whats wrong.

Technically I look good for my weight and size as my body tends to hide any excess weight in 'good places'. However, I am 20lbs over my pre pregnancy weight and I am scared that if we do conceive again I will mushroom another 20lbs. I am trying to get back to my pre baby weight so that I can relax. Being 40lbs overweight for someone as short as me probably wont look to good no matter how good I am at hiding things.

He thinks the blogosphere is negatively affecting me but lets be realistic here. How much longer can I abuse my fast metabolism and not change my ways? I have seen the women in my family to be worried about my HORRIBLE eating and NON EXISTING exercise schedule. Plus I don't want to develop any medical conditions like diabetes (runs in the fam) or other issues. I am only 24 and my son is a year old now. I am in my baby making years and I don't want to be stressed during a pregnancy. I want to enjoy my pregnancy and try to have a healthy outcome.

but anyway I digressed from my rant. Do any of you follow suggested portions? do any of you follow the 1/3 water, 1/3 food and 1/3 air hadith dealing with food?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

moving on

Still NO processed foods! yay! I can't believe I ate nearly 2lbs of bean soup all by myself in less than 3 days. :( I am on my last bowl with white rice and steamed pumpkin. I actually thought it would at least last me for 14 days but man I under estimated my beaner potential.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I think i mentioned on more than one occasion I love beans. Yeah. I forgot that beans cause gas. yeah. Not very sexy and probably not good for the environment. But what can i do? I LOVE BEANS. Cruel world.

It still didn't stop me from eating another bowl of rice with beans. :(

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So I AM alwasy hungry

For a while now I have been feeling guilty and one of the reasons I started this blog and a commitment to get healthier was because I kept stuffing my face but drank little water. You see I would eat my food and down it with soda. I would keep a soda near my computer for easy access instead of drinking water or juice. When I got married I weighed 130lbs when I became pregnant I was @ 134lbs but lost about 3 lbs in the first trimester. By the end of my pregnancy I was weighing 154lbs. Not bad. Once my baby boy was born and I mean IMMEDIATELY after his birth I weighed 11lbs less. I slowly started loosing the weight while nursing ( I am still nursing).

In January 2009 though hubs started bring A LOT of junk food that I don't even like but because it was readily available I kept eating it. I did the math and I was actually ingesting about 4,000 calories A DAY for a whole month. I actually gained ALL of my pregnancy weight back. SUCKS. So recently I started leaving healthy stuff near my computer so when I reach out and stuff my face its good stuff. So when I did that I was STILL so hungry. I read that sometimes you are not actually hungry but thirsty so I started drinking a lot of water.

turns out that after drinking nearly 1/2 a gallon of water today (its only 2:21 PM) I am still hungry. So I started another bowl of rice with beans and that will probably hold me off for a couple of hours. Since I am nursing the amt of water I am drinking is good I also have kidney problems in the family and I suffered from them as well until 2006. I guess I have the metabolism and hunger of a teenage boy. Alhamdulillah I guess?

Day 3

I ate 1 small bowl of whole milk with Rice Chex cereal with no sugar for breakfast. Loved it. I also ate another bowl of my bean soup (with salt) with white rice for lunch. It was delicious. I made so much bean soup I will probably be eating it for almost two weeks and I am happy about it as I am a bona fide beaner. :)

It's not that I hate spices because I love spicy food but I prefer simpler meals for everyday consumption. I still haven't implemented any exercise regiment and I should. InshaAllah I will be able to go outside with the little dude once we decide on a stroller YAY!

It has been about 4 hrs since I ate my bean soup and I am hungry again so off i go :)

Monday, October 26, 2009


I ate a bowl of white rice and beans! OMG I forgot how much I loved beans. I also brought a big jug of water to have near my computer so I can drink more water. I want to go out and go for a walk but I can't do it without my little dude and its getting too cold for just a stroll. I think I might need to buy extra stuff to outfit the stroller to protect him from the cold air.

Other than that I am half way through my day without eating junk or processed foods.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

1st day

I am Hispanic and I can't live without beans so I cooked 1lb of black beans and 1lb of red beans with salt as the ONLY condiment (that's how I like it). It brought me back to me growing up in El Salvador in my grandpa's farm. Back then I used to eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I LOVED IT!

I also cooked some tilapia to eat with white rice and had a large serving of papaya, yum. All in all I was able to avoid stuffing my face when I wasn't hungry and I also drank a lot of water. My mother in law though (mashaAllah) bought me halal marshmallows. I couldn't deny her so I ate it. I love her though so I'll forgive her.

I need to bring in exercise in to my life. I did the laundry today and it was exhausting who knew a little baby had so much clothing. can I count that as exercise?

Saturday, October 24, 2009


I am already being sabotaged in my quest for a healthier living. Hubs brought junk food home and I was so hungry and tempted that I ate it. This endevour of mine is gonna be harder than I expected. I also don't have a clue on how to begin a balanced vegetarian diet or how to figure out what fruits are in season or if there are any farms in my area.

this sucks.

In Search of..

I am looking for awesome blogs about vegetarian cooking or at the very least healthy cooking. I am off to explore if any of you have any suggestions please share :)

Friday, October 23, 2009


I started this blog to keep a record as I try to change my health, weight and eating habits. It got started with me reading up and watching documentaries about food and how corrupt and unjust the system has become. So today is my first step towards a healthier more socially conscious me.