Sunday, November 15, 2009

Scale less

I still don't have a scale so I am using the old scale. nOt cool.

In other news I managed to NOT overeat (yay) and stick to my water instead of all the junk drinks my hubs brought home. Have any of you seen Malcom in the Middle? there is this episode where the wife Lois played by (Jane Kaczmarek) is pregnant and gaining weight fast. The hubs Hal played by (Bryan Cranston) LOVES the changes in her body. SO Lois in an effort to control her weight gain goes on a diet. DESPITE her diet she is still gaining A LOT of weight. The reason was that Hal was PURPOSELY sabotaging her because he didn't want her to loose the figure he was loving.

I mean he was adding like a ton load of sugar to her drink, adding mayonnaise to things that didn't need mayo. Some of the things were pretty gross. yeah? well thats what is happening to me just slightly less conniving.